Donate, pay for pizza, hosting for the demo site, coffee to drink while I work on the module. Not required, but much appreciated. Enjoy the module!

Sponsored by: My Developer LLC


This is the demo site for the Drupal photos module. Log in with username: demo password: demo to test uploading and managing photos. All photos will be expunged periodically.

If you have any issues or feature requests please visit the module issue queue: http://drupal.org/project/issues/photos

The demo site is now running Drupal 10! Photos module 6.0.x.

Test a password protected album:
Password = test

Installed Modules:

Installed Theme:
Photos Demo (https://drupal.org/sandbox/nathaniel/2188955)
Front page view: /photos-home-page-view-export


The Server:

  • Linode
  • Apache
  • PHP-FPM 8.1
  • MySQL